Komodo Diving Safaris

Venture to the far edge of the world and enjoy dragons, sharks and great beaches

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Burma Diving Safaris

Burma is the frontier of diving safaris in Asia. Having gotten their political act together, now is the time to explore

Red Sea Safaris

Red Sea Diving safaris are truly a way to see the best the region has to offer. Ranging from budget class to luxury

Bali Diving Safaris

Bali Is home to some of the most exciting places to say on land - but underwater Mola Mola and Manta Rays abound

Similan Diving

Similan Diving Safaris are where the action is in Thailand - incredibly diverse dive sites in such a small area and the food...

We loved our Burma Diving Safari - the highlight were the leopard sharks! On my first dive here, I spotted two. On the second dive, six. Given some time, these six to eight foot gentle giants would often come right up to me and several of the other divers in our group. -Northwest Divers