Bali Diving Safaris

There are islands, and then there are islands. Bali, Indonesia’s best-known tourist destination, is most certainly in the latter category. Join a Bali diving safari and find out for yourself!

Bali Diving Safari with the Jaya

Sure, Bali has seen its share of turmoil recently, with terrorist bombings in 2002 and
2005 that decimated the tourist industry. These days, however, Bali is back, resuming
its rightful place as one of the diving world’s prime gems. A dive safari here means immersion in both a unique underwater environment, and a cultural scene that will dazzle you.

Bali Diving Safaris Dive Sites

Bali’s best dive sites all lie right off the coast, meaning that most dive safaris here leave
from the land, rather than the decks of liveaboard dive vessels. Short boat rides will get
you to places like Padang Bai, where white sand and pastel coral conceal a multitude
of species, from crocodile fish and sharks to turtles. At Nusa Penida, you may even see Bali’s most unique undersea denizen: the Bali Sunfish, or Mola Mola. These massive, strange looking fish weigh in over a ton, and are often higher fin-to-fin than they are long, thanks to their strange rocket ship appearance.

More advanced divers will jump at the chance to dive the Liberty, located at the bottom of Tulamben Bay. A U.S. Navy transport vessel torpedoed by the Japanese back in 1942, it lies in 30 to 100 feet of water only about 130 feet from shore. The sea life and coral here are first-rate, making this wreck one of the world’s prettiest, as well as one of its most accessible.

Many Bali Diving Safaris cater to beginners, a welcome change from some other exotic dive locales, where the emphasis is on divers who already have their chops. As a result, experienced divers should feel free to bring their less adept friends or significant others, confident that their guests will receive all the training and help they need to succeed.

However, even if your travelling companions don’t dive at all, they’ll find plenty to do in Bali while you’re exploring the surrounding seas. First and foremost, this island is home to most of Indonesia’s Hindu minority, so the cultural sights are unique and absolutely worth seeing. Temples like Pura Taman Ayun and Pura Tirta Empul give you amazing opportunities to enjoy sacred springs while you learn about Bali’s fascinating history from the Hindu point of view. Throw in an exciting local culinary scene, and it’s easy to see why you’ll enjoy your vacation while you’re out of the water just as much as you will when you’re under it.

Despite its recent trials, Bali remains a stable, fun place for your next dive safari. The amazing local colour will only add to the treasures you’ll find on your dives, making this Pacific jewel one of the most all-around appealing dive destinations on the planet.

Bali Diving Safaris operate throughout the year and can easily be combined with nearby Komodo Diving Safaris to create an unbeatable holiday.