About Burma

Burma Diving Safaris take you to the far reaches of this hidden kingdom. Burma has only recently opened up to any form of tourism and the vast archipelago features more than 800 islands. There are still no dive resorts, no places offering daytrips – the only way to enjoy burma is participate in a Burma Diving Safari.

Burma is an amazing place. The Mergui Archipelago contains over 800 islands and is sparsley populated by Mokken, Burmese sea gypsies, that stay for months at a time on their boats fishing and living amongst the islands and Mangrove swamps.

Of course the legal name of the country is Myanmar, and politics have been changing rapidly over the past year. As nearly all these 800 islands are uninhabited, there is virtually no “map” of dive sites. There are new places discovered all the time. Aboard a Burma Diving Safari boat you may go for a few days or you may go for weeks and still feel like you are the first to dive many of the place you will visit.

As the number of Burma diving safari boats is very limited, it is wise to select the journey carefully. The boats range from budget class to luxury-class with all the amenities you’d ever hope for.

It is very important to choose the right boat as experienced staff and crew make all the difference on a Burma Diving Safari. It is also essential to prepare for the trip! You’ll need the correct visas, cash in US Dollars (brand new crisp Twenty dollar bills…old bills not accepted!!) several copies of your passport and more.

You can save hours planning your Burma Diving Safari with us! We will need to know your budget range, your length of trip and then we’ll try our best to get a great diving holiday! As the main resource for Diving Safari information in Burma, and throughout the world – we are happy to share our experience with you!



  • Myanmar was previously known as Burma. The entire Myanmar was being populated by the three different tribes of people: the Hmon from Cambodia, Mongol from eastern Himalayas and Thais from northern Thailand. Before Myanmar were being controlled by the Japanese regime and was being defeated at the year 1944.After the Japanese regime, Myanmar were being controlled by the military coup in 1962 leaded by NE Win and after several years the Myanmar have already freedom and begin to arises and developed. Myanmar has different experiences since World War II began but now Myanmar started to become popular by the other countries because of the beautiful places and different activities in the entire Myanmar.

    The best thing about Myanmar are the different activities and sightseeing which includes the following: the historical Bagan, different Buddhist festivals like Amanda Pagoda Festival in January to February and Pindaya in March, various retreats, shows and performances in their traditional cultures and dances, tour around the beautiful place of Mandalay, Impressive parks include Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park and many more.

  • Getting There

    The best way to go in Myanmar is to fly. Hence Mandalay has already a brand new state of international airport but yet only few international fly there. The common international airport landed at Yangon’s Mingaladon airport. It is usually involved a transit from Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala lumpur.

    There are the following airlines which are available to flight in going from Myanmar: Thai Airways, Bangkok airways, Malaysia air system and silk air. Remember Visa would highly be needed before entering in Myanmar. Basic tourist Visa will be accepted for only 4 weeks or 28 days in staying Myanmar. If you don’t have visa you can get Visa coming from the Embassy in Bangkok that may cost 800 baht (US $20).

  • Weather

    Since Myanmar was being located at the Northern regions the weather is cool, with the average temperatures of 21 °C (70 °F). In Coastal and delta regions has a maximum temperature of 32 °C (89.6 °F).

    There are different seasons in the entire country. The temperature differs from 19 °C in the northern moorlands and 38°C to in coastal and delta neighbourhoods.
    Myanmar country composed of three typical times of year; that is to say, hot season is between March and May, rainy season is between June and October and cool season is between November and February. Every season have own attraction according to the weather in the entire Myanmar. Even all through the rainy period, you can see the clear blue skies as well as the landscapes which are green and flourishing.

  • Useful Language

    People in Myanmar used Myanmar dialect (Burmese). People especially the tourist people preferred to use English dialect.